Swamp Corps Kenya 2018 - Final Day

This was my second opportunity to travel to Nairobi. The trips were similar in the sense that I saw a lot of the same people and places. It was different however, because it was a swamp corps trip, and this time I came as a disciple of two years. I felt this overwhelming sense of comfortability and safety being around other disciples, not just from Kenya, but also Ethiopia, Tanzania ,and many more. I had the privelege of co-counseling GIRLS CABIN 4,and they were all such a joy to be around. Although the start of the first week got off to a somewhat rocky start, by the end of the trip, I found myself wishing I din't have to leave. My goal is to return back next year and counsel because I truly had an amazing time. A part of my heart will forever be in Nairobi ❤