My First Kenya Adventure

HEY!! My name is Amaya Rodriguez, this is my first time in Kenya! As well as, my first time doing a Swamp Corps!! This adventure so far has been amazing. We went on a safari and saw amazing anmials!! I saw baby elephants that were literally so cute!!! In my truck during the safari I was riding with some amazing people and had such a blast with the laughs and singing! We also got stuck in the mud during the safari which became a great laugh but a great trust in God whether we would get out of the mud. We thankfully did (thank the Lord). We have been staying in a guest house before and after the safari, and it has been an amzing place. They have taken such good care of us and I have been able to relax and grow in my friendships here. I love everyone in this group so nuch!! I can't wait for camp and to see the amazing works of God!!

(Amaya-left-with Elle & Sierra)